Venus in tenth house vedic astrology

Similar is the tenth house. We have a certain amount of power to affect the world, based on our reputation and, our standing and the aggregate result of how much we have learned in life will and how much we think we deserve, etc. The effects of planets in the tenth house: The Sun in the tenth house brings a high capacity for duty, responsibility and handling pressure. If we are to make an impact, we need to be able to stand consistent, in our principles and indoor the jealousies and unpleasantness that comes with power.

The Sun gives enormous potential in these areas. The Moon in the tenth house shows emotional wavering undercutting our capacity for we will highest capacities. The Moon is not the part of us that wants to handle pressure, be responsible, etc. Who we are beyond how we feel is the nature of the tenth house. Mars the tenth house shows a lot of enthusiasm for making a difference, a big difference. There can be a lot of ambition with this placement however. One may squander their opportunities due to impatience.

But Mars is willing to face the unpleasantness required to accomplish our goals.

Venus in the 10th House

Often a person is very successful in their career with this placement. Hopefully it is also connected to something meaningful in our life, not just something they want to win. Also, one is able to adjust and be flexible to the changing tides of culture, conversation and anything else, as they try to make their mark. Jupiter in the tenth house shows a person to be an excellent teacher and guide.

This person is a natural leader, inspired and hopeful and ready to do what is best for all concerned when the chips are down. Their sense of vision and personal sacrifice gives others confidence in them, enhancing their reputation and status. There will be good manners and a gentle nature in dealing with people that helps persons excel in their career and helps them make their mark in the world. However, there may be an aversion to hard work and the desire for things to be enjoyable, that subverts their long-term intentions, making them unreliable and hurting their reputation over time.

Saturn in the tenth house is excellent for slow and steady, long-term gains and accomplishments. This placement brings a natural capacity to make a commitment to things, and be careful making wrong decisions that derail our course. Success in life occurs through repetition and going deeper into core values. Saturn supports all of these processes, but may make a person hesitant to adjust or be inflexible. Rahu in the tenth house may show a person hypnotized by the idea of fame or popularity. There may be of sessions over making a mark in the world, regardless of how this market is made.

A person may jump from one thing to the next, looking more for power, status and reputation, rather than any value in the duties being performed. There may also be high levels of greed with this placement. When more evolved, the person naturally senses what steps to take to increase their power and fulfill their goals. Career such as counseling, therapy, working with women. Brings good ideas. May participate in religious or legal organizations.

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Many career changes, subservience. Mars Valorous, high status, well-respected, strong leadership. Pioneering character. Can be controversial. Career changes from impatience. Mercury Learned, powerful, career in writing, teaching, speaking. Good at conveying knowledge to others. Good for sales. May earn through publishing. Lack of recognition. Jupiter Early success in career, successful completion of undertakings, wise, prosperous. Career as counselor, teacher, banker, broker, advisor, consultant. Good social contacts are indicated. Lack of sufficient remuneration.

Careers also in fine arts. This placement gives a compassionate nature and motivates someone to help those less fortunate.

The Tenth House: About You -

Obstacles through women. Saturn A growing strength to the career over time. Can bring leadership with great responsibilities. Other careers include farming, earth sciences, politics. May bring work in faraway places. Ambitious and humanitarian. Very hard-working. Pilgrimages are beneficial. Menial labor. Rahu Ability to affect the masses through your work. Powerful, prosperous. Brings talent in the arts and good earning capacity.

Career conflicts and power struggles. Ketu Brings mysticism to life work. Powerful, renowned, defeats adversaries. Will work hard for the good of others. Takes time to get results from the hard work. May visit sacred places. Well-liked by others. Cruel and subject to deceit in career. Rise through perseverance. Can organize difficult projects.

Independent in career. Career in teaching, speaking, lecturing, finance. May engage in a family business. Favors business related to food such as restaurants or catering.

Effect of Venus in 10th Tenth house Vedic Astrology

Potential for success with gems. Money through career. Great courage and possible support of younger sibling in career. May have frequent short trips. Strong determination. Career of self-expression. Great happiness through career and possible support from mother in career. Good fortune in areas of education, properties or agriculture.

Known for learning and generosity. Great support of nature in unfoldment of career. Favors work as a teacher or as a financial broker.

Rahu In 5th House Krs

Can bring success in entertainment areas. Could bring career in the healing arts or medicine. May not get high pay. Could work in judiciary, prison or hospitals. Ministers to needs of others. Career of service. Virtuous mate, work with partners or mate for optimum career achievements. Skilled in business. May travel abroad. Career through partnerships. If afflicted, must guard against criminal activities. May experience difficulty in finding right career path. Strong interest in spiritual pursuits.

May have many breaks in career. Career of the unknown. Makes decisions intuitively. Fortunate career. Spiritual stalwart. May have success in publishing or law or higher education. Great leadership ability, valorous, prosperous, highly recognized. Fullness of career. Very respected.

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Can handle large projects, manage large groups. May have success in government or large corporations.

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Professional success. Mix with highly placed, influential people. Virtuous, long-lived, truthful. May employ others. Strong sense of honor. Money manager, inspirational speaker. Can also bring difficulty finding a satisfying career.

Success with spiritual service. Summary At this point, you now have an understanding of: What sign rules your 10th House What planets, if any, are in your 10th house What planet rules your 10th house; and Which House in your chart contains the Planet which rules your 10th House. Join Our Newsletter. Latest blogs. In astrology, the 12 houses have great importance just like the 12 zodiac signs Which gemstone will bring your luck and prosperity In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is the deity who protects and preserves the univ When it comes to self-awareness, where can we find an objective and honest portr Tenth House.

Mars is very auspicious here giving Raj Yoga as Mars is also owner of the 5th house. High career drive and need for recognition. Strong personal identity with their career as Mercury also owns the 1st house. Visibility and renown in professional life, deals with the public. Favors leadership and high visibility. Venus is Raj Yoga planet so very auspicious for 10th house effects. Ambitious, even aggressive in career pursuits. As ruler also of the 1st house, Jupiter brings strong personal identification with vocation and organizational skills.

Primary financial gains through self-efforts in career. Raj Yoga Saturn brings success, prestige, and power through journey of self-effort and persistence. Career connected to spouse, other career partnering. Planet in the 10th House. Affluence, success in career, recognized by upper society, powerful, executive leadership.

Prosperous, pious, well recognized.