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With this touch more confidence from the Ox's aura, the Cancerian Ox personality really comes out of its shell. Shyness is diminished, and they are altogether more forceful with their overall manner. People who appreciate the caring, quiet Cancer sun sign traits are treated to a much louder and more self-assured version with the Cancerian born in the Chinese Year of the Ox.

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Individuals born in the midst of this mix of Western and Chinese Astrology acquire a personality that is very efficient at adapting to new people and different circumstances. This versatile persona makes them great additions to any caring professional team and proves very useful for parenting skills. The Cancerian Ox's talent to turn his hand to a wide variety of tasks at short notice is one of their best assets.

Their thoughtful nature sees them offering assistance wherever it is needed, as they gain lots of pleasure from helping others. If you team up with these personality types in a relationship or friendship, you can expect a supportive and practical partner. Their Cancerian tendency to be a little insecure and overly dependent on others is not as prominent in those with the Ox influenced characteristics.

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The easygoing, bright-natured Cancerian Ox may have the least sensitivity and timidness of all Cancerians, but he is still easily hurt. These particular personalities do not usually enter into relationships in haste; they like to take their time in choosing a mate.

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Although they are not typically hesitant to make decisions, in this area of their life they need to be completely sure, with no doubts. Having chosen a partner who they trust implicitly, the Cancerian Ox will more often than not devote his all.

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He will be a very attentive soulmate and adapt quickly to a permanent long-term commitment. When these people are happily settled and contented they positively glow. Cancerian Ox personalities are considered a finely-balanced mix of strength and sensitive emotions. The person with this horoscope pairing may have their up and down days if the balance is disturbed. The top rated horoscope app! With over 10 million users! We offer extensive compatibility readings for each two zodiac signs.

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It is over for any friendship, partnership or family member. Done is done. Soulofcinder It's funny you say that I'm going through something similar myself in my own life born August 26th and I was pretty truthful to someone close to me recently and no like you said it was not a threat it was me pretty much making myself heard. Jane That is exactly me Sam Lucky guess.

Twixie Pretty accurate but I'm more of a days in girl and I don't exercise much.

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I don't love nature that much and I am a bit materialistic in some ways. Libra Horse girl Sorry But for how long? Do you think Chickiepoo Don't worry too much, I'm a virgo ox and by boyfriend is a Leo tiger, but we're working out really well. Joshua Very accurate except.

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Being outdoors all the time. I rather enjoy my days in.

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  7. Sept 7 James seaton spot on. Maire Born September 10, I'll give credit for some of the accuracy in this detailed report and yes I did walk out on a partnership once I realized my partner and I were two completely different individuals. Walk out, I did, but not without first giving him a piece of my mind. Teri Very accurate, It's like you have known me all of my life.

    Katsu i was born August 28 and all of this is my polar opposite.. Virgo rabbit is exactly right though.

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    Jasmine i was born in 15 Sept JW i'm the day before you Melissa September 21 , This is me and a large nutshell. Gideon Ashong That's me. I was born in 22 September, Rich Spot on, very accurate. Starting to learn to say no after 40 years thanks to my wife.