Magi astrology chiron conjunct saturn

In our third book and on this website, we have regularly explained that the alignments formed by Chiron with either Jupiter or Saturn are among the most important alignments. We believe these two pairings of planets are so important we gave them special names. These two aspects are crucial to the astrology of love but these same two aspects are equally important in Financial Magi Astrology, especially if they are formed in the latitudes in Heliocentric Astrology.

Quite often, the formation of either of these two alignments by Chiron in the heliocentric latitudes can help us to predict when a low or a high will soon be made in the financial markets. For example, this was the case the last two times these two aspects were formed in October or and August of On August 25, , in the heliocentric sky, Saturn was exactly contra-parallel to Chiron in the latitudes. Those of you who keep a close tab on the financial markets will recall that the weeks immediately before and after that date were the most tumultuous weeks for the worldwide financial markets since the Kuwait War and Desert Storm.

It was a mini-crash but it proved to be the shortest bear market in history. In terms of worldwide events, the mini-crash was due to a currency crisis that was precipitated by the collapse of the Russian Ruble and Russia 's default on its sovereign debt. For this reason, many have called this mini-crash the Currency Crisis Crash. You are probably surprised to see that besides the Heartbreak Clash Aspect formed by a contra-parallel of Saturn and Chiron, there was also a powerful Grand Trine.

But this is exactly why we picked this chart as an example to use. We would like to illustrate the fact that there are often several important alignments in the sky on any given day.

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Sometimes, the preponderance of these meaningful alignments point in the same direction. That was the case in the Crash of and it was also the case for the historic low that the stock market made in July of But most of the time, on any given day, there are both good and bad alignments formed by the planets at the same time. When this happens, it is necessary to weigh the power of the good alignments against the power of the bad ones.

The Magi Society has a simple rule for dealing with this problem. We call it the Rule of Planetary Speeds.

Chiron in Synastry - a Healing or Harmful relationship?

This rule says:. In other words, the slower the speed, the greater the power and the faster the speed, the lower the power. In the case of the Grand Trine formed in the August 25, Heliocentric Chart, the Grand Trine was formed by Venus which is a very fast moving planet.

So the power of the Grand Trine is minimal. Within the Grand Trine, there is a trine formed by Jupiter and Chiron and these planets move quite a bit slower than Venus. But this aspect peaked was exact eighteen days earlier. Which brings us to another rule of Magi Astrology. Since the Jupiter-Chiron aspect peaked 18 days earlier, it did not have any real power on August 25, But it did have a strong influence in supporting the financial markets before it peaked, as evidenced by the fact that the US stock market rose a little during the two weeks just before the peak, and then dropped precipitously the two weeks afterwards.

If you knew that the currency crisis was related to the Saturn-Chiron Clash in the heliocentric sky, you might have been both brave and wise enough to have maybe bought some stocks shortly after the peak of the clash on August 25, If you were really smart, you would have waited a week before buying because you would have figured out that the Grand Trine was supporting the market and that it would peak the same time the Heartbreak Clash peaked. Remember that the Heartbreak Clash would have a more lasting effect because of the slower speed of the planets that form it.

To figure all this out correctly and precisely is not always easy, since there are conflicting alignments. But sometimes, we can get real lucky and the alignments are clearer and they mainly point in one direction, like the Crash of , or the historic low made in Or like the example below. A Saturn-Chiron Clash is helpful in timing lows in the financial markets, whereas a Jupiter-Chiron Magical Angle is helpful in timing highs in the financial markets.

On October 5, , Jupiter and Chiron formed an exact contra-parallel in the latitudes in the heliocentric sky. October 5 was a Sunday and the US financial markets were closed. Jupiter-Chiron Magical Angles help us to time highs. The actual intermediate high was made three days later on Wednesday, October 8. Many have tried to use astrology to make money in the financial markets. There are many factors to consider.

These factors include your own transits because you cannot make money by trading stocks during bad transits. Our goal in this lesson is not to try to help you make money in the stock market. We have constantly warned and we repeat that you cannot make money by using astrology. But we do believe that if you utilize Heliocentric Magi Astrology, you will gain a better understanding and perspective of what is happening to you, your world, and the rest of the world. March 14, If you have a strong interest in Financial Astrology, we urge you to carefully examine the advantages of adding Heliocentric Magi Astrology to your techniques for analyzing the financial markets.

Heliocentric astrology is certainly not news to financial astrologers. There are already a number of ways to use heliocentric analysis and many financial astrologers regularly employ them. Unfortunately, the results of such astrological techniques have been exceedingly disappointing.

There are large gaping holes in these methodologies and we believe that Heliocentric Magi Astrology fills much of what is missing. We are confident that when you master Heliocentric Magi Astrology, you will agree with us that the principles of Heliocentric Magi Astrology provide the most reliable and consistent astrological methodology for explaining major trends in the financial markets. Most of this website has been devoted to the Magi Astrology of love and personal relationships. This is an area of our lives that almost all of us have a strong interest. But with the turmoil now in the worldwide stock markets, many have become even more interested in their finances.

Magi Astrology is as proficient in matters of money as it is in matters of love. But when it comes to money and the stock markets, Magi Astrology always includes Heliocentric Astrology because without it, we would be missing the most important dimension of financial astrology. Our book was the very first book to ever present compelling evidence of the validity of the declinations and within a year of its publication, the best astrologers worldwide accepted the declinations as a reliable astrological tool.

Since that time, many astrologers refer to the declinations as the "other dimension of astrology. To us, the "other dimension of astrology" is Heliocentric Astrology. Geocentric Astrology itself has two equally significant parts; they are the longitudes and the declinations. Heliocentric Astrology also has the longitudes and "declinations. For thousands of years, astrology has been based on just the geocentric longitudes. And for thousands of years, little by little, the prestige of astrology has waned, primarily because astrology lacked accuracy. But by adding the declinations and Heliocentric Astrology to the normal geocentric longitudes, every astrologer has more than four times as much astrological knowledge and tools to use.

By also including Chiron, astrological knowledge is on a new launch to the stars. By combining all this knowledge, astrologers can explain things that were simply unexplainable before. And the popularity of astrology will begin to expand dramatically. Geocentric Astrology is very useful when analyzing the stock markets. But for whatever reason, Heliocentric Astrology is a little bit more important for Financial Astrology than Geocentric Astrology.

Both dimensions are necessary for a full explanation of the astrological reasons for any major trend in the stock market. By using Magi Astrology in the geocentric dimension and by also applying the principles of Magi Astrology directly to the heliocentric dimension, it is finally possible to obtain the astrological explanations of historic financial events that have been left unexplained in the past.

Our first example is the stock market crash of This remains the most famous stock market crash in history. Think about what we have just written. What we said was:. The Crash of remains the most famous stock market crash in history. We are putting emphasis on the words "the most famous. Ever since astrology has been used to predict the stock market, millions of investors have been predicting stock market crashes. For some reason, astrology buffs seem to be intrinsically bearish and have probably predicted the coming of a million crashes.

They have looked at the stars and have thought:. Ah ha! There is this terrible cycle, and this horrible alignment and this and also that and also this and oh my goodness -- the crash of the century is coming! But these astrology fans have failed to recognize the most necessary astrological component of a truly historic crash. In our first book Astrology Really Works! An aspect is a meaningful alignment of two planets.

The main point of this lesson is that this Super Fame Aspect works on stock market crashes as well as persons. In fact, a very high percentage of the most famous events in the stock markets have occurred on days when there was a Super Fame Aspect formed in the sky, either in the geocentric or in heliocentric dimension. We wrote earlier that the Crash of was the most famous crash in history.

Virtually everyone knows about it. The reason it was so famous is because it occurred on a day with the Super Fame Aspect. But you have to look at the heliocentric dimension and the latitudes in order to find it. Our main point is this:. If there is a Super Fame Aspect in the sky, the chances of an historic event are dramatically increased. The reason for this is that Uranus rules fame, and when Jupiter makes a Magical Angle to a planet, it augments the symbolisms of that planet. In this case, Jupiter increased that likelihood that the day would become famous for one reason or another. What this means is that if you look at the stars and think that something truly historic is about to happen in the stock market, you should check to see if there is a Super Fame Aspect during the predicted time frame.

If not, you should reconsider. This does not mean that historic stock market events do not occur on days without the Super Fame Aspect. They do. But it does mean that historic events are more likely to occur during Super Fame Aspects. In fact, as we are about to document for you, the five most historic crashes or bear markets in the US stock markets began or occurred during the Super Fame Aspect.

The big question is "WHY? Smaller drops in stock prices just do not become famous. The most famous crashes are the biggest crashes. So in the case of stock market crashes, the biggest ones are likely to have Super Fame Aspect because that is what makes it famous. This makes sense because what is super famous in the stock market is also likely to be historic. Below, we will analyze the astrology of the other four most historic stock market crashes.

It took only a few hours for the Iraqi troops to occupy and take over the tiny oil rich Kuwait kingdom. The stock markets all around the world dropped like a crash. Was this predictable by the stars? We think so. By predictable, we do not mean we could have used Magi Astrology to correctly predict that Iraq would invade Kuwait. But once the invasion took place, we would have known that the result of the invasion would be a dramatic decline of stock prices all around the world.

In this chart, the geocentric and heliocentric charts are shown side by side. How could we tell that this invasion would cause devastation to the financial markets worldwide? These two clashes were certainly highly significant astrological signs, and they obviously meant people around the world would feel the negative impact of the invasion.

But we think the most important astrological sign that made this event powerful enough to be truly famous is the Historic Aspect that was formed in the heliocentric sky. If this aspect did not exist, we believe the invasion would not have had enough significance and magnitude to make it famous and important to the financial world, and therefore the results of the invasion would not have been felt worldwide.

This marked the start of the Yom Kippur War. The result was a percent rise in the price of oil and the most devastating bear market in US history since the Great Depression. Could you have predicted this by using Magi Astrology? Once again, we think so. But when we say "predict" we do not mean we would have known ahead of time that OPEC would declare the oil embargo.

What we mean is that once we knew that OPEC did declare the embargo, we could have used Magi Astrology to predict that the embargo would succeed and have a nearly catastrophic effect on the US economy. Since Pluto and Neptune are Financial Planets, the clashes formed by Saturn would be expected to have a strong negative influence on the economy and stock prices. Even though this was a MAGIcal Angle, this was harmful because Saturn is almost never helpful except in ways explained in our third book. Finally, and most important of all, there was an Historic Aspect in the heliocentric sky that tells us the embargo would probably be very successful because it would go down in the history books.

If the embargo were not success, it would not have become historic. Instead, it would have been an obscure footnote in history books. As you can see, when you use the principles of Magi Astrology and analyze the Planetary Geometry of the day, and include both the geocentric and heliocentric dimensions, you can easily understand the astrological reasons for the economic disaster that this embargo imposed on the US , and the reason for the bear market of This was the largest single day drop in the history of the US markets.

But in that lesson, we gave you only the heliocentric chart for the time when stocks were at their lowest during this crash, PM of October 20, showing you the Double Grand Cross. Here, we are going to show you the geocentric chart as well. In the above charts, you can see that in the heliocentric dimension, the Crash occurred when the planets formed a Heartbreak Clash Aspect and a Nuclear Clash Aspect. This helps to account for the fact that stock prices fell faster than any other time in history.

But the historic nature of this crash was foretold primarily because of the Historic Aspect that was in the geocentric sky. That would be the equivalent of if the DJIA falls in the next couple of years to about Don't worry; that is not in the stars! July 8, not only marked the stock market's lowest point during the Great Depression, it also marked the lowest point of the US stock market for the entire 20th century.

It was never that low in the preceding 32 years or the following 78 years. That makes the day historic. In our earlier lesson on heliocentric astrology, we provided you with the heliocentric chart for July 7, , just one day before. Please recall the Hour Rule from our last lesson explaining that planetary alignments often have their strongest manifestations the day before or the day after the actual exactness of the alignments. Below, we give you the geocentric chart for that day together with the heliocentric chart.

Because the day was historic, it is likely to have the Historic Aspect, which it did. What should we learn from all of this? Our main point it that when you are using the stars to make forecasts about the stock markets, keep in mind that a truly historic crash is unlikely unless there is an Historic Aspect in either the geocentric or heliocentric skies. There you have them, the five most famous and significant crashes in the US stock markets of the 20th century.

The stars gave us the same sign for every one of them: the Historic Aspect. Three of these signs were given to us in the heliocentric dimension and two were found in the geocentric dimension. What's happening now? There was an Historic Aspect in the heliocentric sky during the last months of last year.

Since the very beginnings of Financial Astrology, Financial Astrologers have been looking at the alignment of the planets to seek clues as to what will happen in the financial markets. Almost every major bottom or top in the major financial indices coincide within about a day of the formation of "precise planetary alignments. If you are asking "What is a precise planetary alignment? The more planets that are synchronized at any given time, the more likely the chance that something meaningful will occur.

This is the case also for the four major asteroids, Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta. And it is the case in both the geocentric and heliocentric skies. It is simply the most useful astrology program in the world. As you can see in the above charts, there are quite a few precise planetary alignments and we call them Planetary Synchronizations. Some of these synchronizations create Symmetrical Planetary Geometry. When planets form Symmetrical Planetary Geometry, they are more likely to indicate that a significant event in the financial markets will occur.

Examples of Symmetrical Planetary Geometry found in the above two charts are. Jupiter, Mercury, Ceres and the True Node form a parallelogram in the geocentric chart. All parallelograms are symmetrical in shape. Saturn, Mercury, Uranus and Earth form a parallelogram in the heliocentric chart in the above example of the two charts, the heliocentric chart is the one on the right side. As you can see, there were a number of precise planetary alignments on the day of the historic high for the NASDAQ stocks. But it is necessary to look at both the Heliocentric and geocentric charts, and to include the True Node and the four major asteroids.

This is the point of this lesson. As far as we know, not a single Financial Astrologer who has been publishing was able to call this top correctly - even though it is the most significant top in decades, perhaps ever. But Financial Astrologers who have been publishing missed it in part because they did not look at the four major asteroids. Most Financial Astrologers do analyze the Heliocentric sky, but not all of them. When coupled with intelligent and disciplined investment strategies that we will teach on our new site stockmarketcompass.

In our opinion, most people interested in Financial Astrology make the same big mistake. They are most interested in short or medium term movements and give little or no weight to long-term investment strategies. One convincing reason is that none not even one of Forbes Magazine's richest people in the US made their fortunes by investing their own money to trade in and out of stocks or commodities. This is the case in the Forbes survey published last October, and this is also true for every survey that Forbes has ever done. The shocker is that it does not matter which year we are talking about - none of Forbes' richest Americans, in any year, ever made their money by investing their own money and using it to trade in and out of stocks or commodities.

During the last decade, over 70 percent of the richest on Forbes' annual list made their money directly or by inheriting from persons who made their money directly from owning ONE stock for the long term. It is always the stock of a company the person founded and it is the rise in the stock price that made the person fabulously wealthy.

Three of America 's richest men made their money because they are the largest shareholders of Microsoft. In Omaha , Nebraska , the hometown of Warren Buffett, last week, hundreds of Berkshire Hathaway millionaire stockholders gathered at their annual meeting to hear Buffett speak. They are millionaires because they bought Berkshire Hathaway a long time ago and held onto the stock. We are not saying you have to be the founder of a successful public company to make a fortune. What we are suggesting is that it would be really fruitful to find and invest in the next Cinderella stock.

Wouldn't it be nice to find the next Wal-Mart, Microsoft or Berkshire Hathaway and make a thousand times your investment? The Planetary Geometry of the day a company launches its "make or break" product is an excellent indicator of whether or not the product will make or break the company. Microsoft launched two products that have made Microsoft what it is, and broke the competition. In each case, the Planetary Geometry of the day the product was launched told us the product was going to be super successful. The two products we are referring to are DOS and Windows. DOS was so successful that it helped Microsoft to demolish its competition during the first half of the s.

Windows was introduced in and we all know how dominant that product has been ever since. Below are the Magi Astrology charts of the two launch dates for these dominant products. DOS was so successful that you have to say it was a Cinderella story. The astrological indicators of a Cinderella are Cinderella Aspects. DOS was launched on a day when the sky formed three Cinderella Aspects. Here again, it was a Cinderella product and there were three Cinderella Aspects on that day.

By analyzing these launch dates with the principles of Magi Astrology, you would have known Microsoft was going to be the dominant force in its business. Less than four months after Microsoft launched Windows, it went public. If you held onto the stock into the year , you would have made even more. That is what we call a Cinderella stock. Unfortunately, Magi Astrology was not available to you in But it is now. The Magi Society is determined to find the next Cinderella stocks - one tool we will use to do so is to launch stockmarketcompass. Just as the stars give us signs about the future in matters of love, they also tell us what is the most likely future of a company.

We can use Magi Astrology to help us accurately forecast which companies are going to be the most successful ones, and which ones will find the going really tough. One way we can do this by analyzing the birth chart of a corporation. We explained in our first book Astrology Really Works! When two Financial Planets form a MAGIcal Angle, then it is a very favorable time to form a company because the company is more likely to succeed.

General Electric is the second most valuable company in the world Microsoft is number one. Both of these alignments are extra extraordinarily rare. Below is the birth chart of General Electric drawn the way we do it at the Magi Society. Of course, the two Financial Super Aspects are not the only reasons General Electric is so successful. But they are two of the most important ones. Other astrological reasons for its business prowess are in our books and also on the Members Only Section of our website. Microsoft Corporation is the only company in the world that is worth more than GE. Unlike GE, Microsoft had reincorporated two separate times and each time, its birth chart was better than the one before.

Below is the birth chart for the existing incarnation of Microsoft. It also has two Financial Super Aspects. Figure 26 Microsoft. The first principle of Financial Magi Astrology is that the alignment of the planets during the day a corporation is founded is the astrological key to forecasting its future. If you applied the principles of Magi Astrology and analyzed the Wal-Mart Corporation, you could have easily known that Wal-Mart would be extraordinarily successful. The price of Wal-Mart's stock has performed so spectacularly that in , according to Forbes Magazine, the heirs of Sam Walton founder of Wal-Mart were three of the 8 richest people in America.

It is possible to obtain the dates when most corporations were formed. But for some reason, the birth dates for both Sam Walton and Wal-Mart are not available, almost as if Sam Walton had purposely hidden them. However, we do not always need the birth date of a corporation to know its future. Sometimes, we can look at crucial events in the history of the company and know its future. This is case with Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is almost solely dependent on its stores. Because of this, the day that Wal-Mart opened its first store is a clear astrological sign of its future because that would be the birth date of Wal-Mart stores.

As it turns out, Sam Walton opened the first Wal-Mart store on a fabulous astrological day. Our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money , specifically talks about this type of symmetrical pattern and explains why it is such a super powerful alignment.

Figure 27 Wal-Mart. By paying close attention to financial news, and by utilizing the principles of Magi Astrology, you could have known that OPEC would finally be successful in raising the price of oil dramatically and getting away with it. For about eight years before the spring of , the price of oil kept going lower.

The 15 members of OPEC made over half a dozen agreements to reduce their oil production in an effort to raise oil prices but none of the agreements worked. OPEC members kept cheating and did not abide by their agreements or quotas. Until March 23, On that day, all 15 members of OPEC signed an agreement to cut production by 2 million barrels daily. Since the signing of that agreement, one of the most important economic trends has been the rapid and incredible rise of the price of crude oil.

This is all explainable through Magi Astrology. We explained in our books that an agreement has a birth chart and the birth date of an agreement is the day the agreement was signed. The success or failure of an agreement is dependent on the astrology of the day the agreement was signed. By combining the meanings of these two planets, this alignment signifies that the agreement would be successful Jupiter as a monopoly Pluto and in big business Pluto. The MAGIcal Angle made between the Sun and Chiron means the agreement would have a favorable public image Chiron , which is why the rest of the world has not bitterly complained about the tripling of oil prices in such a short time.

Figure 28 OPEC agreement. Just as a person can have Cinderella Transits, so can a corporation. Cinderella Transits for corporations occur under the same set of planetary alignments that they do for people. Every Cinderella Transit is a Golden Transit so it means that when a company is having a Cinderella Transit, it is also a very good time for the company and people view the company in the best possible light. One perfect example of this is Amazon. Although it was not founded on a fabulous day perhaps one reason it has not ever made any money yet , the stock price of Amazon is definitely like a Cinderella.

Uranus has now finished these transits but Neptune has picked up where Uranus left off. At the Magi Society, we believe that these are the key astrological reasons why we have all heard about Amazon. The second principle of Financial Magi Astrology is that the transits to the birth chart of a corporation are one of the deciding factors in the price of the company's stock. The ultimate key to financial astrology is the birth chart of corporations.

Just as we can learn a great deal about what will happen to a person by examining the person's birth chart, we can also know a great deal about a company by examining its birth chart. Yahoo's website at yahoo. Yahoo's stock price has set a new standard for how high Internet stocks can go. Yahoo is the true Cinderella of the Internet. In fact, Yahoo was founded when the stars said it was a Cinderella of the Internet! Below birth chart of Yahoo, Inc. In all of our books, we explain how to read the language of the stars.

By combining the meanings of these two planets, we get success Jupiter on the Internet Uranus. There is no doubt in our minds that these alignments of the planets foretold of Yahoo being the Cinderella of the Internet. In all of our examples so far, note how Chiron's position in the birth chart plays a pivotal role in whether or not the company becomes super successful. One of the biggest stories in the financial world is the so-called Dot-Com crash. Of course this refers to the recent crash of Internet companies' stock prices.

There are virtually no exceptions to the Dot-Com crash in that every Dot-Com company's stock has crashed. The best of the Dot-Coms came crashing down along with the worst. But this does not yet look like a bear market in Dot-Coms has set in; instead it looks like a dose of realism has moderated expectations for Dot-Com companies.

From to the beginning of , Investors bid up the prices of Dot-Com companies in a crazed frenzy that has not been seen since , when Polaroid and Xerox led the way to a buying spree of technology stocks that ended during the bear market of Will the Dot-Com crash ultimately result in a bear market? The answer to that question is complex. A very great deal has been written about bear markets.

A large amount has even been written about the astrology of bear markets. But as far as we know, very little has been written about combining astrology with the observation of worldwide events to help us predict an upcoming bear market. We will begin to deal with this in this link and will follow up with more about it in the future.

But that is an absurd definition for a bear market. The Magi Society prefers to look at the recent drop as a "Reality Check" and we think this is healthy in the long run for the financial markets. As you might expect, the Magi Society takes a rather unique approach to the stock and bond markets. For one thing, we prefer the more classic definition of a bear market, which is when people are no longer interested in buying stocks and PE ratios are set in single digits.

Hardly the case now. For another thing, in the past, bear markets in the US have had one common denominator that is not here now. Obviously, the Magi Society believes in the usefulness of financial astrology. Financial astrologers know that the stars have given us a sign before every bear market. Every bear market was preceded by an alignment of planets that would have predicted that a bear market could be coming. But the big problem has been that these astrological signs do not always lead to bear markets. The result is that astrologers have predicted the coming of many more bear markets than actually took place.

Unfortunately, we at the Magi Society, and all astrologers in general, do not know everything we would like to know about financial astrology and the effect of the stars on the financial world. In our opinion, astrologers have also always needed a predictive tool that is not related to astrology to help us with our predictions. In other words, we need what we call a "Confirmation Tool" that helps us to know if the alignments of the planets are really as bad as they seem, or not nearly as bad as they appear to be. This is especially the case when it comes to trying to predict the US financial markets.

The US financial markets are by far the strongest in the world and they are very highly resistant to bear markets. It takes a truly extraordinarily bad set of planetary alignments to send the US markets into a tailspin. For this reason, it is all the more necessary to have a confirmation tool not based on astrology to help us predict the US markets. At the Magi Society, we have several confirmation tools and we will discuss one of them in this link. At the Magi Society, we look for economic or political confirmation that bad astrological alignments are as bad as they could be.

Our theory is simple: if an alignment of the planets are really bad enough to be a sign of an imminent bear market in the US , then there must be confirmation of this in ways we can easily observe. For example, before the Great Depression hit the US and before our stock market crashed in October of , there was ample evidence that something really horrific could happen because Europe had been in a depression for several years before Remember those old film clips about people in Europe pushing wheelbarrows full of money because inflation was so high? That was how bad it was in Europe.

It was during the crash of that the Magi Society first noticed that worldwide turmoil preceded every US bear market of this century. Few people remember this, but for the two months before the October 19, stock market crash, the world was in perilous times because Iran had mined the Persian Gulf and the shipment of oil had been severely curtailed.

The US sent naval warships to sweep away the mines. On the morning of October 19, the European stock markets had already crashed because the US bombed an Iranian oilrig. These were all signs of political and economic turmoil that confirmed there could be a crash in the US financial markets. There were also very obvious signs of turmoil before the bear market.

There had just been a war between Israel and its Arab neighbors, and this resulted in all the Arab nations lining up against the US. Remember the long gas lines in that year? And sky rocketing inflation? All were confirmation signs of a bear market. In , it was of course the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait that was a very direct confirmation that a crash was coming during the second half of that year. Even short-lived "bear markets" in the US had political and economic confirmations that the alignments of the stars were really bad enough to cause a significant problem in the US stock markets.

For example, before the August stock market mini-crash, there were clear signs of currency problems all over the world. The currencies and stock markets of the weakest Southeast Asian and South American countries crashed well ahead of the US mini-crash at the end of August. There were also rampant rumors that Russia would default on its sovereign debt, which it did. By the way, the currency markets are very reliable signs of economic turmoil. The US dollar was in a bear market versus the Yen before the crash, and the US dollar was in a general bear market versus most currencies before the bear market.

It pays to watch the currency markets. So the next time you hear someone say that the alignments of the planets are horrific, and the end of the world is coming to the US financial markets, you should look around and see if there are any confirming signs of such doom.

Chances are very good that if there aren't any confirming signs of significant turmoil around the world, the US markets will not be in for a really rough ride before it gets past the alignments of the stars. October 30, In the early 's, Germany and France led about a dozen other European countries into a momentous decision that they believed would significantly boost the wealth and purchasing power of their citizens.

They decided to form the European Economic Community and create a single currency for their countries and called the new currency the Euro. The primary engine behind the move to a single currency was the greater ease the nations would have in doing business with each other. They would no longer have to worry about currency risks or be concerned over the uncertainty of currency exchange rates. But they also believed that the Euro would be better able to compete against the US dollar.

Chiron square chiron transit

In fact, they were confident that the Euro would become the strongest currency in the world. The founders of the Euro based their confidence in the Euro's future on seemingly sound fundamental economics. But they did not have the insight of astrology. The Euro was born on a very weak astrological day. They are crying in the Euro zone. We believe the weakness in the Euro was predictable using the principles of Magi Astrology. From the research conducted by the Magi Society, each currency has a birth chart and the currency chart is almost always very close to being the birth chart of the nation because normally, the currency and the nation are born just about at the same time.

But the Euro is an exception to this rule since the 15 countries agreed to create the Euro at a specific time. Below is a Magi Astrology Chart of the Euro. Not even one of them. Even worse, both of these Clashes are formed by two planets that are moving in direct motion, thus both Turbulent Aspects are Double-Direct. We explained in our books that Double-Direct Turbulent Aspects are the worst ones and much worse than if one or both planets are retrograde. Economists are almost universally agreed that the Euro will enjoy a surge of support and gain value against the US dollar.

But the stars say that whatever happens, surge or no surge, the Euro will continue to have the character of its aspects which means it will break hearts and pocketbooks, unless it is reborn into a new chart. Magi Astrology is very different from Traditional or Popular Astrology. Planetary Geometry helps you to determine if two persons are compatible and can fall in love.

Planetary Geometry can also help you to see and understand someone's true nature. Planetary Geometry can even help you much better understand what is happening in your life and help you to fulfill your dreams. If you would like to know the astrological reasons for the news headlines you read everyday, Magi Astrology will definitely help. Magi Astrology combines the astrology of the ancient Hebrew Prophets with Chinese astrology, and adds new discoveries to provide a form of astrology that will allow you to perceive the world and your life with a clarity that is impossible without it.

With Magi Astrology, you can much better understand the important events in the world around you, as well as the significant events in your own life. You can do with Magi Astrology what you always wished you could do with traditional astrology. The most important tool of Magi Astrology is the use of Planetary Geometry, which was originally developed by the ancient Hebrew Prophets.

But the original Planetary Geometry of the Hebrews needed to be improved upon. Magi Astrology improved it by including and fully integrating the use of the declinations pioneered by Chinese astrologers and recent discoveries such as Chiron to form a more advanced and accurate form of Planetary Geometry. By utilizing the Planetary Geometry of Magi Astrology, you can much more fully and clearly understand the true astrological reasons behind most of the important news events that occur in matters of love and money, in the world of sports, politics, entertainment, etc.

What is Planetary Geometry? In spite of this imposing name, it is much simpler than anything you have ever tried to learn about astrology. Here is what it is all about. Have you ever looked up at the nighttime sky and tried to find any of the planets? Have you ever in your mind drawn connecting lines between the positions of the planets and wondered if the lines and geometric figures thus created have any special meanings?

Did you ever wonder if the various angles that the planets make to each other have any influence on life on Earth? If you have ever done any of those things, then you have already had an intuitive brush with Magi Astrology's principle of Planetary Geometry. It is based on the lines, angles, shapes, and figures that are created when we draw connecting lines between the positions of the planets at the time someone is born. Because the planets are always moving, everybody is born with a unique Planetary Geometry, which is called the NATAL Planetary Geometry, and this has been the secret tool that has given the best Chinese astrologers their legendary capabilities.

In a very real sense, Planetary Geometry is the "miracle drug" of astrology. With it, you can comprehend things you could not possibly comprehend in any other way. To help you to begin to understand what we mean by this, we will give you examples of Planetary Geometry and explain how it has a monumental influence on everyone on Earth.

Below is the Magi Astrology Chart of football player Walter Payton, who was the best running back in the history of football. Note that in the longitudes, every one of Payton's planets has a line drawn to it. In all charts in this section of our website, for the longitudes, we will draw connecting lines between all the planets that are within 3 degrees of making an ASPECT with another planet.

An aspect occurs whenever any two planets are aligned in the Earth sky at any of the following seven angles:. The Magi Society has been studying aspects for over years. The research of the Magi Society gives definitive evidence that every aspect that exists on a day is an astrological sign that the person born under the aspect has a special type of talent or skill.

In other words, it really seems that a Personal Aspect is the planets' way of empowering a person with a special talent. We believe a Benevolent Providence designed astrology in this way so that we all have a chance at having abilities that our parents do not. In the chart above, you can see that Walter Payton was born with an unusual number of Personal Aspects. Every planet forms an aspect. Since Walter Payton was born with an unusually high number of natal aspects, it would mean he had an unusually high number of special abilities and skills.

This explains the astrological reasons why Payton holds the record in football for the most yards rushing in a career. Below is the Magi Astrology Chart of hockey player Wayne Gretsky, who holds the record for the most goals scored in a career. This means in general that the more Personal Aspects a person is born with, the more special talent and skills the person has. This is true no matter what the angle of the aspect is, even oppositions or squares. Many astrologers believe that Personal Aspects natal aspects that are formed by squares or oppositions are bad but our research shows that in the case of Personal Aspects, none are bad and every one of them is more like a Divine Gift of elevated talent.

Every Personal Aspect is empowering and therefore, we think they must be gifts from Providence. A Personal Aspect is an aspect that a person is born with but a Historic Aspect is an aspect that occurs in the chart of an event as opposed to a living being. It is nice to know if you or someone else is especially talented, but it is great to know the type of special talent a person has.

In Magi Astrology, you have the ability to analyze Personal Aspects so that you can actually tell what special talents someone has. Our example of this will be Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Astrology with an Aloha Spirit

Figure 33 Fraklin Roosevelt. When you look at the charts above, you will notice that sometimes two or more aspects are "connected to each other" because the lines are connected. This will occur when three or more planets are aligned so that all the planets are within orb of making aspects to each other. Such an alignment is more powerful than any single Personal Aspect. Any Planetary Synchronization is very special and is remarkably powerful and a person born with one is empowered with a very high level of talent. For example, for Roosevelt :.

Payton was one of the greatest athletes of all time. Mars rules sports and the body, energy and force. The synchronization of the four planets with Mars gave Payton these remarkable gifts all working perfectly together:. Endurance of the muscles because Neptune rules longevity and endurance, and Mars rules muscles Powerful Pluto body Mars , muscles Mars and energy Mars The superb ability to make sudden changes Uranus in his body movements Mars Successful career Chiron using his body Mars and muscles Mars. You can correctly interpret a Personal Aspect formed by just two planets in the same way just by combining and integrating the Magi Astrology Symbolisms of the two planets that form the aspect.

You can even use Planetary Geometry and the symbolisms of Magi Astrology to improve your understanding of what is happening in this world. For example, below is the Magi Astrology Chart for the only event of the 20th century that will be so famous we can be sure they will talk about it thousands of years from now:. This event will undoubtedly be the single most famous event in the history of the 20th century. With Magi Astrology, you can understand exactly why.

By applying the knowledge we just learned about Planetary Synchronization, you also can understand why the historic lunar event occurred on July 20, We designed this website to help you in learn how to use Magi Astrology in matters of love and money. But as you can see, the principles of Magi Astrology are useful in all of these other ways and are easily confirmed. Check out the principles of Magi Astrology and you will see that it works. We hope this will give you more incentive to learn Magi Astrology. The ancient Hebrew Prophets believed that whenever two planets formed a conjunction in the sky, something significant was likely to happen.

They were correct. In Magi Astrology, we look at conjunctions in much the same way but we generally use the conjunction as a guide to forecasting what is most likely to happen. For example, there was a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction during the crucial closing arguments of the Microsoft antitrust lawsuit filed by the US Attorney General's office.

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The positioning of this conjunction clearly foretold that Microsoft would lose the case, and would do so badly. On Tuesday, June 6, Microsoft filed its final arguments and briefs in the case. For the two weeks prior to this, both sides the US Attorney General's office and Microsoft filed arguments about whether or not Microsoft should be broken up. During the entire two weeks, there was a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. By itself, a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was not special for Microsoft.

However, the exact positioning of this particular Jupiter-Saturn conjunction played a crucial role in the outcome of the antitrust case. This is because the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction formed four Turbulent transits to important natal planets of Microsoft's birth chart. It created a Double T-Square when combined with the Microsoft natal chart. When transiting planets in the sky form a Double T-Square to the planets in a natal chart, then it is usually a sign of high turmoil.

The illustration below helps to explain what we are talking about. Below is a CAC Combined Alignment Chart of the birth chart of Microsoft and the transiting planets in the sky on June 6, , when Microsoft filed its final closing arguments and just one day before the judge's decision. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Microsoft was formed its birth chart and the red planets represent the positions of the transiting planets on June 6.

As you can see from the above chart, the conjunction of transiting Jupiter and Saturn made four Turbulent Angles; two to Microsoft's natal Pluto and two to Microsoft's natal Saturn. In addition, transiting Uranus was making a Turbulent Angle to the natal position of Pluto.

All together, they formed a pattern we call a Double T-Square. This highly extraordinary alignment to a birth chart is usually a reliable sign of turbulent times. Every filing and final statement made by Microsoft's attorneys was hindered by this turbulent alignment. These turbulent alignments were especially bad for the particulars of Microsoft's case because the two T-Squares focus on the natal Pluto. Pluto rules monopolies, as explained in the Financial Astrology section of this website. Besides the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, during the month of June there was another very important conjunction.

At the same time, there was a Chiron-Pluto conjunction. Using astrology to forecast the outcome of sports is normally somewhat complicated because there are many charts to consider. The birth charts of the owner, coach and key players are all important. But sometimes, fans of the astrology of sports are rewarded with a fairly clear-cut astrological sign of the winner.

When the Dallas Stars were defending their Stanley Cup against the New Jersey Devils, one thing became apparent as you watched the first games. The two team captains were crucial to each team. Derian Hatcher, the Dallas captain born June 4, was the heart of the Dallas defense. He was instrumental in leading his team to a world championship in It was obvious he was going to become a Cinderella of hockey by being captain of the championship team. But in , the planets had moved, as they always do.

Magi Astrology Romance Transit Report Sample For Drew Barrymore | Aloha Astro

Hatcher was no longer in his Cinderella Time and his team was not going to win the Stanley Cup this time. Another team would do so and there would be a new Cinderella of hockey. This is the way God designed it. After all, life would be unfair and cruel if one team always won. Give someone else a chance to enjoy being Cinderella. After all, they worked hard also. Scott Stevens is the captain of the New Jersey Devils. Remember the conjunction of Chiron and Pluto during the Stanley Cup playoffs? Now we see this same transit as a sign of how captain Scott Stevens of the New Jersey Devils would lead his team to win the Stanley Cup.

The planets in black represent the positions of the planets when Stevens was born and the planets in red represent the transiting planets in the sky when his team became world champions. As you can see from the above chart, the conjunction of transiting Chiron and Pluto was perfectly placed for Scott Stevens' natal chart.

This conjunction formed a Double Trine to his natal Sun. As every stock market investor knows, the stock market has been in a bit of a funk lately. In fact, during the past year, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has essentially made no headway. It has moved a bit up and a bit down and back up and back down. Et cetera. During the same time, technology stocks enjoyed its own bull market and then got soaked in a bear market.

But Hewlett-Packard has done relatively well. As you can see by the chart below. The best part about all this is that there was actually an astrological sign that told us that HWP would do well. She would assume her new position immediately and thus become the highest-ranking female executive in corporate America.

We paid special attention to this announcement because it was a special day. Below is the Magi Astrology chart of that day. One of them was Chiron trine Sun, the sign of a Cinderella and a reliable astrological sign that Ms. This could only be the case if the stock price did well. There was also a Venus-Jupiter trine on that day. The Venus-Jupiter trine is symbolic of good luck and leadership and greatly helps bring success. NOTE: We should emphasize that the future of a corporation is dependent on the birth chart of the business Business Chart and the transits and progressions to that chart.

Analyzing that chart is the best way to forecast the most significant future trends of the company. The Business Chart is usually the chart of the day the company was most recently incorporated. But there are some cases where the Business Chart is the day of a very important merger, or is the day of the original formation of a partnership that preceded the formation of a corporation. It all depends on the precise wording of the legal documents. But all this goes to show us that it is wise to keep track of all the astrological signs of what is happening with a company, such as when a new CEO takes over.

Sometimes, the chart is ambiguous. But once in a while, you run across one that is very precise, like this example of Carly Fiorina. Then you can apply Magi Astrology and it can amaze you how interesting that can be. But as always, we repeat our warning that we wrote in our first book: You cannot make money using astrology. Timing is everything! If you are planning to release a new product, book, movie, record album, etc.

Every mega success was released on a day when the stars favored mega success. The biggest blockbuster movie so far this year is Gladiator. This movie premiered on May 5, Below is the Magi Astrology Chart of the day that Gladiator opened. There were Cinderella Aspects on that day; two of them. Pluto did so with Mercury. Pluto rules big business explained in our books. Mercury rules both acting a form of communication and movies because Mercury rules seeing and hearing, and movies is something you see and hear, and all this is explained in our books.

There are of course other astrological reasons for the success of Gladiator , and the Magi Society teaches these reasons to its members. One of the reasons is that there was a Turbulent Angle of Neptune and Venus on the opening day. If your political party is not in control of the White House, your party's nomination for the presidency is usually one heck of a free for all.

But it is different when your party is in the White House. The tradition of American presidential politics is such that when a sitting Vice President wants his party's nomination to run for President, and he receives the endorsement of the President, the other members of the party hand over the nomination to the Vice President. Bill Bradley did not do that. Instead he challenged Al Gore and forced Gore to use up valuable time and campaign resources to fend off Bradley's challenge.

As it turned out, Gore is probably better off because he learned a great deal about how to run a presidential campaign. But it could have resulted in a disaster where the Democratic Party might have been too split to mount a viable presidential campaign. Why was Bradley willing to run that risk? We also explained they are astrological signs of probable breakup in a romantic relationship. But we are not talking about romance here. This seems to happen even when the couple truly loves each other and the Saturn person has no intention of doing harm. The Heartbreak Clash can be overcome by a perfect or nearly-perfect wedding date.

More information on the importance of a favorable wedding date: Magi Weddings. One Heartbreak Clash can also be overpowered by three Cinderella Linkages under certain circumstances. The Nuclear Clash Also a Captivation. Represents major differences between the couple that can never be resolved. Often these are differences in key areas that are integral to the way each person lives their lives. Couples with Nuclear Clashes often don't stay together for long- these key differences just don't let the relationship take root and grow.

The Nuclear Clash is best worked with by "agreeing to disagree. A sign of possible Heartbreak. Relationship happiness is seemingly not meant to be. Agreement on any issues- big or small- is hard to find. The couple battles over everything. An extremely damaging clash- can be highly crazy-making and create unbelievable Heartbreak for the Chiron person. The Saturn person can hurt the Vesta person's feelings seemingly without caring.

Almost as bad as a Heartbreak Clash. A Classic Schism aspect. Strong antagonism. This pair can bring out the worst in each other and can engage in much fruitless fighting. The Mars person may actually feel their energy level is lowered around the Saturn person. Can lead to battles-royal over every disagreement. The couple is likely behave so destructively during arguments that relationship repair and forgiveness can be difficult. Refer to Magi Planetary Symbolisms to help interpret Clashes not listed here. About Sexual Clashes.

A Captivation occurs when a Saturnian Planet in one person's chart forms a linkage or clash with one of certain planets in the chart of another person. In each Captivation, the Saturn person holds a measure of control over the other person. Linkage Captivations differs from Clash Captivations in that Clash Captivations also indicate some form of incompatibility, whereas Linkage Captivations do not.

In a Captivation, we call the Saturnian person the "Trapper" and the other person the "Captive. The Captive will sometimes feel trapped, or that they can't live without the Trapper. An imbalance of Captivations give the Trapper the upper hand in the relationship.

Captivations never indicate soulmate potential or happiness though the Captive almost always believes that they are in love with the Trapper and the Trapper is their soulmate - often despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. All captivations indicate a hold or bond - they function like glue to hold people together. This can be a good thing if the two people truly love each other indicated by Romantic Super-Linkages and are good for each other - Captivations can help hold such a relationship together during difficult times.

In this case Captivations perpetuate a negative situation, sometimes with catastrophic results. Captivations can drive people into making desperate or ultimately self-destructive decisions that they might not otherwise make. Sappho is Captivated by other Saturnian Planets. This makes sense when you consider that Sappho represents weakness, vulnerability and fears. Our research is not yet complete, but it appears that some of the very most powerful Captivations occur when another Saturnian planet captivates Sappho.

Sexual Captivations create extreme sexual intensity coupled with an imbalance of power unless there is Saturn Balance. Can create desperate obsessions and can be very destructive. All sorts of negative scenarios can play out with Sexual or other serious Captivations. Emotional Captivations are Saturn Bonds with an added emotional element.

Jolie's Saturn captivates Pitt's Neptune in geo. Bill Clinton has a bi-level captivation of Monica's Sun, and a captivation of Monica's Venus in the helio latitudes. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Why did Britney marry Federline and let him party on her money while she bore him two babies? Federline captivates Britney's Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron in geo.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles Why did Camilla devote most of her life to a man who dumped her once and whom she thought she could never have? Donald and Melania Trump Why did the Donald overcome his reluctance to marry again? Melania captivates Trump's Sun and Venus in the declinations, and Trump's Chiron in the helio latitudes. Why did Fisher leave his wife for Taylor?